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Daily Maintenance

1.  In order to make and keep the moving parts of dental unit in good condition, it’s recommended to add
lubricant every year at least.
2.  To keep cleaning products, use the medical alcohol to wipe clean the surface of the product daily.
3.  In order to maintain and keep tap water clean, water filter element inside the water tank must be cleaned
with neutral detergent (hole size of filter is less than 90um); After a long time used, the filter core will be
blocked by dirt, affecting water flow and filtration effect. It is recommended to clean the water filter every 2
months. If housing or filter of water is broken or damaged, pls. replace accordingly.
4.  In order to maintain the quality of water in water tank, neutral detergent should be used for tank cleaning
on a regular basis and it’s recommended to do this job weekly. Before disassembling water tank, air source
of water tank should be disconnected.
5.  In order to maintain the quality of air, it’s needed to drain the seeper inside the air relief valve inside the
base box on a regular basis (spec. of filter is less than 25 um) and it’s recommended to do this job weekly.
If air relief valve leaks, pls. replace accordingly.
6.  It’s needed to drain the seeper after every used.
7.  The operating light can only be maintained in normal temperature; the wet cloth can be used for cleaning;
the reflective panel can only be cleaned by using compressed air;
8.  Solid pollutant, after the filter of saliva pump is used, may possibly go into and accumulate, therefore the
filter should be cleaned by clean water on a regular basis; it’s recommended to clean before getting off
every day.
9.  As for the maintenance and before-use sterilization of handpiece, pls. refer to its Operation Instruction.