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Suction Pump

Model: AY-AD750L, AY-AD1100L, AY-AD1300L

Suction pump

In modern dental surgery,various microorganisms and bacteria are often continued in the aerial fog generated by high-speed rotating dental instruments and cooling water. These are usually the greatest threat to the health of dentists and patients,and ordinary air circulation cannot effectively solve this problem. The only way is to solve the problem from the source. Our suction system has a suction flow rate over 300liters per minute,which can instantaneously absorb the aerosol mist,effectively reduce this risk,and eliminate the hazards of bacterial contamination to be human body from the source.Moreover,high-quality materials and components make the suction system have both a powerful performance and a long-lasting durability.

Suction Pump

AY-AD Portable

1. Graceful posture, beautiful & unique quality, let your clinic walk in the forefront of fashion.
2. Carbon black acrylic panel, away from the ordinary iron plate with spray-paint, away from the embarrassment of discoloration after use. Noble and elegant, corrosion resistance, long time non-discolouring.
3. Various working indicator light.
4. Built-out filter is easy cleaning and maintenance, adopt imported suction pipeline with softness, improve work efficiency, let the wrist no longer be tired.

Power: 370W
Vacuum Degree: ≥-12 KPa
Air Displacement: ≥300L/min
Noise: 45 ± 2 dB(A)
Product Size: 33*37*83 cm
Packing Size: 42*45*95 cm
Net Weight: 33kg
Gross Weight: 42KG


•Voltage: 220V/50Hz
•Current: 5.4A
•Pump Power: 1300W
•Revolution: 2800R/MIN
•MAX Vacumm:-33kPa
•Connect dental unit quantity (simultaneous use 60%): 5
•Connect dental unit quantity(simultaneous use 100%): 4


•Pump Power: 1100W
•Revolution: 2800R/MIN
•Noise: 69dB
•MAX Vacumm: -18kPa
•Connect dental unit quantity (simultaneous use 60%): 4
•Connect dental unit quantity(simultaneous use 100%): 3


•Current: 4.1V
•Pump Power: 750W
•Revolution: 2800R/MIN
•Noise: 67dB
•MAX Vacumm: -12kPa
•Connect dental unit quantity (simultaneous use 60%): 2
•Connect dental unit quantity(simultaneous use 100%): 1

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