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fashion dental chair unit | Dental Chair Unit AY-A4800I

AY-A4800I is our luxury series for high end market, it is using small rotating cabinet that convenient for 4 hands operation.

Using synchronized movement chair frame with Denmark Linak Motor and touch sense control panel with 9 memory positions.

Luxury leather and frosted glass tray, bring a relax feeling to the patients during the operation.

6 bulbs LED sensor light can control light temperature and light illumination, which can adjust for different situations. 

Sleek and comfortable are two words used to describe the AY-A4800I dental chair. It utilizes a relatively narrow backrest which allows the dentist to freely position themselves anywhere during the operation. It also features a lower height adjustment which should accommodate the patient’s size and height properly. For those who prefer wider backs, AY-A4800I does come in three variations: narrow, wide, and narrow with slings. Design-wise, AY-A4800I is among the top with its use of a deeper scoop on the back rest. What this does is to allow the headrest to be adjusted and positioned lower to support children and smaller patients without causing any discomfort for taller patients.
AY-A4800I is an ergonomically designed advanced dental chair. It is all about comfort and convenience for both patient and dentist.



Rotatable Cabinet and Ceramic spittoon-- ±90°rotates, provides more space to the dentist and assistant, realize four-handed operation. The ceramic bowl and water taps can be disassemble, easy to clean and sterilize. Programmable cup fill and bowl rinse timers. Rotates +/-90°.


Advance instrument tray—Large injection molding, 6 deliver rod. The extra stainless steel instrument tray, can place more medical equipments. 9 momery positons programme for different options.


Multi-Joint Headrest --The smart headrest can be applied to different treamt angles, brings a relaxing operations experienc to patients

6 Bulbs LED Lighi-- Brand new technology cold light source, intelligent manual control or sensor control of brightness.

Metal Backrest--The special design of the backrest, provides a waist support which is bringing a relaxed experience to the patient during the treatment. 

shion dental chair u

Parallel plate connection: 6mm thickness steel plate bent and onece stamp molding to ensure the modular assembly of the chair frame is more standard and accurate. Meantime, the overall stability of the dental chair is also maintained and won’t shake left&right. 

The fashion dental chair unit is usually equipped with a fully automatic console, and the chair position can be adjusted through the comprehensive movement of the backrest and knee joints, ascending, descending, and tilting.
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Power Source: Electricity
Warranty: 1 year
Quanlity Certification: CE; ISO 9001; ISO 13485
Instrument classification: Class II 
Color: Multi-Color
Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
Power input: 1200VA
Water Pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa
Air Pessure: 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Lowest height of Chair: 440mm
Highest height of Chair: 860mm
The Base platform of Chair frame: 12mm
Minimum angle of dental chair: 5°
Maximum angle of dental chair: 85°
​​​​​​Wooden case: 1.5*1.05*1.13

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