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air polisher

  1. Connecting powder case to handpiece Hose 4-Hole, or 2-Hole type Powder Case Connect the poder case directly to the corresponding handpiece hose.
  2. Mounting nozzle to Powder Case
Slide back the hadpiece release ring on the powder case joint and hold. Insert the nozzle into the powder case joint, and release the ring.
  1. Filling Cleaning Powder
Unscrew the powder case cap and remove. Break a seal of the cleaning powder pack, and fill whole pack of powder case. Recap the powder case cap securely.
  1. Jetting Powder
Aim the nozzle at the cuspidor, and jet for 3 seconds to verify that the powderjets uniformly. And use on the patient. Use with the nozzle 5-10 mm.


  1. Do not use the left-over powder in the pack opened days ago. They could get moist and cause clogging of the powder passage.
  2. Do not jet the powder directly to the oral soft tissues, gum or subgingiva. Always use the high volume evacuator to prevent the patient from swallowing the powder. Use intermittently and have the patient wash his/her mouth as often as needed.air polisher


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