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Air Compressor

Model: AY-1EW, AY-2EW, AY-3EW, AY-6EW

Oil Free Air Compressor


One for one
Air Compressor (one for one)
• Rated Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
• Current: 2.8A;
• Power: 550W;
• Volume Flow: 70L/ min;
• Actuating Pressure: 0.5Mpa;
•Rated exhaust pressure:0.77Mpa
• Gas Holder Volume: 32L;
• Noise: 55- 62dB;

One for two
• Rated voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
• Current: 3.7A;
• Power: 840W;
• Volume flow: 105L/ min;
• Actuating pressure: 0.5Mpa;
• Rated exhaust pressure: 0.77Mpa;
• Gas holder volume: 40L;
• Noise: 58-64dB;


One for three
•Rated Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
•Current: 5.6A;
•Power 1100 W;
•Volume flow: 140L/ min;
•Actuating pressure: 0.5 Mpa;
•Rated exhaust pressure: 0.77Mpa;
•Gas holder volume: 60L;
•Noise: 65-75dB;

One for six
• Rated Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
• Current: 11.4A;
• Power: 2520W;
• Volume Flow: 300L/ min;
• Actuating Pressure: 0.8Mpa;
•Rated exhaust pressure:0.77Mpa
• Gas Holder Volume: 90L;
• Noise: 80-85dB;
Air Compressor

1. Oil free: Do not need any lubricated oil, and harmless to the human body.
2. Super silent: Noise level lower than 70dB(a) to reduce noise pollution.
3. Multi-phase filteration: Advanced multi-phase filtration to ensure extremely clean air, and lengthen service life.
4. Safety using: Air compressor motors equipped with thermal prevention device to avoid overheating and protect motors.
5. Clean tank: All air receiver tanks have internal epoxy coating applied to avoid corrosion.
6. Automatic adjustment: High quality pressure switch used to control the power of air compressor automatically by adjustment of pressure level.
7. Pressure adjustment: Working pressure could be adjusted to meet the demand of different supporting equipments.
8. High durability: Serviceable time exceeds 15, 000 hours.
9. Simple operation: Using directly when connecting with power.
10. Easy maintanance: No need any lubricated oil.

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