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Why do you need X-rays to see your teeth? X Ray For Dental

X-rays are necessary for dental treatment. X Ray For Dental.
Teeth are divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is visible in the oral cavity and is called the crown; the lower part is invisible in the oral cavity and is called the root. The lesions of the tooth root and the inner part of the alveolar bone are invisible. X-rays must be used to diagnose or see what is going on, otherwise it is impossible to understand the problem.
Sometimes teeth have small cavities or hidden large cavities, and the problem cannot be seen from the appearance. X-rays can clearly know the problem. Therefore, for the dentist, dental X-rays are very important and rely on a deep diagnosis. tool.
Many people now have dental implants. In order to be able to interpret the relevant anatomy of the implant position, 3D computed tomography (X-ray images composed of multi-level stereo combination) must be used to prevent the patient from damaging important tissues or structures. , Such as nerves, blood vessels, sinus cavity.

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