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What is the disinfection system for dental chairs?

In the dental clinic, you can treat toothache, change teeth, wash teeth and other dental treatments. However, before these treatments, it must be disinfected. So what is the disinfection system for dental treatment? The following is a simple analysis.

Through the oral comprehensive treatment station disinfection system, select effective disinfection methods to strengthen the monitoring and management of disinfection quality. And by strengthening the management and implementation of various systems and operating procedures, the disinfection system of dental chairs can be significantly improved. If the disinfection effect is to achieve the effects of the comprehensive treatment table, mobile phone cooling water, and water purification monitoring, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the system construction, implement the operating procedures, and improve the sanitation quality of the overall treatment table.

1. The dental unit should be cleaned with 500mgl of effective chlorine disinfectant before and after each operation. Each operator should clean it once. If any contamination is found, it should be disinfected and cleaned in time.

2. Before diagnosis: flush the waterway for 2 minutes, flush the aspirator for 30 seconds, and flush the drain for 2 minutes.

3. After the diagnosis and treatment are over: rinse the water channel of the dental chair for 2 minutes, separate the water-based dental chair or ultrasonic scaler, and let the water channel dry overnight. And use more than 1,000 ml of chlorine disinfectant for drainage, cleaning, disinfection, and rinsing.

4. After each use of the mobile phone, step on the pedal control panel and flush the waterway for 30 seconds to reduce back-suction pollution.

5. After the treatment, clean the straws and nozzles, replace the decontamination film, wipe all contact surfaces in the disinfection area, replace the three-gun working chip, wipe disinfection and trunk connection, and disinfect the straw and the straw interface. Strengthen disinfection management and control the sanitary quality of the comprehensive treatment table.

6. Irradiate ultraviolet light for 30 minutes every day, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the environment once a week.

In view of such a disinfection system, everyone should strictly abide by the disinfection system of the oral comprehensive treatment table.

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