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What is an electric dental chair?

What is an electric dental chair?

The traditional dental chair generally refers to a simple dental treatment machine with a price of less than 10,000 yuan. It is more common in townships and individual clinics with limited conditions. Older chairs generally do not have doctor and assistant seats, and some do not even have spittoons or saliva suction devices, making them a veritable "dental chair". Although these chairs are relatively simple, they can meet general dental treatment needs. In the vast rural and urban communities of our country, there is still a considerable market for dental chairs such as individual dental clinics. According to a survey, it accounted for 80% of the total sales in 1999, although the survey still accounts for around 72% of the total demand despite a decline.

The "people-oriented" dental chair design is a design concept that has emerged in recent years, mainly for convenience, comfort, safety and health.

In terms of convenience, comfort and safety: mid-to-high-end chairs generally have a variety of personalized operating procedures, depending on the physician's individual habits, different treatment positions (upper and lower palate teeth and rescue positions) can be set, and they can be stored as programmed . The control part of the chair has risen from the initial mechanical and electric control to the advanced control stage such as air valve control and solenoid valve control; middle and high-end chairs with a price of more than 70,000 yuan are usually equipped with a fully automatic console and chair position adjustment. It can be adjusted through the comprehensive movement of the backrest and knee joints, ascent, descent, and tilt. Make the patient's position more suitable for treatment; equipped with a non-slip doctor chair and multifunctional foot control device, the doctor can control with his foot as needed during the treatment process, and realize the switch action of water and air gun without stopping the operation of the equipment . The middle and high-end treatment tables are also equipped with a variety of turning cold light lamps, a powerful bass vacuum negative pressure pump, which can separate gas and liquid, with large suction and low noise. on

In terms of hygiene and environmental protection: According to epidemiological data, there are serious cross-infection problems in oral diagnosis and treatment in my country. The infection rate of hepatitis B in dentists is 3-6 times that of ordinary people, the positive rate of HBV among dentists is 25.8%, and the total positive rate of HBV pollution in dental handpieces is 62%. Therefore, preventing cross-infection of dental equipment is an important factor to be considered in the design of dental chairs.

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