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What is a dental X-ray machine?

What is a dental X-ray machine?
Application of dental X-ray machine
The application of X-ray in dentistry is very important. Because most of the tissues and diseases in the oral and maxillofacial regions are in places that cannot be seen directly by the naked eye. So without the help of X-rays, we would not be able to make a good diagnosis and formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Since humans discovered X-rays in 1895 AD, humans have gradually discovered that X-rays have adverse effects on the human body. This is not only a personal problem, but also a family, society, and even human problem. Therefore, with the increase of modern dental diseases and the advancement of dental medicine, the frequency and amount of X-ray use have increased sharply. We must have a good idea about the basic knowledge of X-rays and dental radiation hygiene, so that dentists, The patient, and the technician, get the minimum dose to get the maximum diagnostic effect.

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