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What is a dental light?

What is a dental light?
It is simple to operate. Firstly, it removes the damaged tissues, cleans the teeth, and etches them with acid; then rinses and drys, puts the binder, and puts the composite resin material; finally, the material containing the photosensitizer is irradiated with a specific wavelength of visible light to cause it to polymerize It reacts and solidifies, so as to achieve the shape and function of the restoration tooth.
Before the rise of porcelain dental technology, light curing treatment was the first choice for dental cosmetics (such as tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, etc.). The advantages of light curing treatment are wide application, less wear on teeth, one-time restoration, beautiful appearance after restoration, stable color, abrasion resistance and compressive strength are better than common materials (such as glass ionomer, etc.).
Due to the outstanding characteristics of this technology, it can repair various caries of the front and rear teeth, and can also repair dental defects such as wedge-shaped defects. The other is dental cosmetology, which is often used to repair discolored teeth, deformed teeth, and uneven teeth, and the repair effect is better. Compared with cosmetic restoration of porcelain teeth, light-curing dental restoration is still popular with doctors and patients because of its lower cost.
The front teeth are repaired by light curing. First, consider the aesthetics. Polishing is very important. Of course, you cant eat hard things, and you cant drink pigmented beverages. It helps to keep it from falling off and discoloring for a long time; moreover, it can be repaired if it is lost. , Will not hurt many teeth.

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