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Some knowledge about curing light that you do not know

The unique feature of light-curing adhesives is their curing mechanism. These adhesives contain a compound called "light trigger". By absorbing ultraviolet light, this compound decomposes into multiple functional groups, triggering polymerization. During the curing reaction, the monomers in the adhesive combine to form a polymer to form a tightly connected structure. It only takes less than one second of light pulse to cure the adhesive and bond the adherend for a long time.

Nowadays, high-performance LED lamps are mainly used in adhesives cured by light. This kind of lamp is highly energy-efficient and is widely used in various lighting areas. The service life of LED curing light is usually more than 20,000 hours. It is 20 times longer than traditional lamps. The mercury lamp needs to be pre-heated for up to 20 minutes, and the LED can reach its maximum brightness within a few milliseconds. The emission spectrum of the light-emitting diode is narrow and the intensity is high, so it can achieve the best adjustment effect between the adhesive and the curing light.

However, to get real benefits from curing light adhesives and high-performance LED lights, you need to consider some important factors. We provide curing light products. If you are interested in curing light, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more relevant information.

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