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Serval Facts About The Dental X Ray Equipment

The dental x ray equipment helps dentists find diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues that cannot be seen with a simple oral exam. The x ray for dental allows dentists to detect and treat dental problems early to avoid unnecessary discomfort, helping patients save money and may even be lifesaving.

Types Of X Ray On Teeth

X ray for dental supply is mainly classified into intraoral - the x-ray film is inside the mouth, and extraoral - the x-ray film is outside the mouth.

Intraoral X-rays: The most common type of dental x-ray that provides a lot of detail about teeth, such as tooth decay, checking the health of the roots and bone around the teeth, checking the condition of developing teeth, and facilitating the dentist to monitor the overall health of teeth and jaws.

Extra-oral X-rays: The primary focus is on the jaw and skull. It is primarily used to look for affected teeth, monitor the growth and development of the jawbone associated with the teeth, and identify potential problems between the teeth and jawbone and the TMJ or other bones of the face.
x ray for dental
X Ray For Dental

What problems can dental x ray equipment be used to detect?

For adults:
  • Identify decay occurring beneath existing fillings
  • Reveal bone loss that accompanies gum disease
  • Reveal changes in the bone or root canals caused by infection
  • Detect abscesses (infection of the root or between the gum and tooth)
  • Assist in the preparation of dental implants, braces, dentures, or other dental procedures
  • Show decay areas that may not be visible on oral examination, especially small decay areas between teeth

For Children:
  • Note decay
  • Determine if there is enough space in the mouth to accommodate all the teeth that enter
  • Reveal other developmental abnormalities, such as cysts and certain types of tumors
  • Determine if the rate of loss of baby teeth is sufficient for the permanent teeth to erupt properly
  • Examine the development of the wisdom teeth and determine if the teeth are impacted (unable to emerge from the gums)

China Dental X-Ray

X ray for dental from Anya has an ergonomic design to offer the best comfort, which also can meet the requirements of the most demanding practices in matters of floor space optimization.  
  • The microprocessor-controlled timer brings high-tech X-Ray imagining to your fingertips.
  • The control panel allows an accurate and fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during X-Ray examinations
  • Fitted with 60kv 8mA tube with preheating grid. The machine has been specially designed for intraoral dental diagnosis applications
  • This dental x ray equipment complies with local and international regulations on ionizing radiation protection for maximum safety.
  • The soft positioner arm ensures naturally smooth and well-balanced movements. It is easily installed at the desired height and length.


The x ray on teeth is commonly used to detect problems before they arise and to diagnose existing problems, which is a safe way to diagnose many oral complications. If you would like more information about the x ray for dental, or if you think you need to update dental x ray equipment in your dental clinic, please contact us at for more info or a favorable quote today!

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