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Oral cleaning artifact, ultrasonic scaler

Young people now pay more attention to modifying their appearance and appearance, and are willing to spend money to improve their appearance. Statistics show that women aged 24-28 account for more than 35% of orthodontics among different ages and genders. This beautiful tooth is too important to the ladies. In fact, boys also need good-looking teeth. A brilliant and wild smile, through the clear eyes and neat and white teeth, everyone is fascinated by it, so you see, how important it is to have good-looking teeth and good looks.
If you want to have a good tooth, in addition to brushing your teeth, you need further special care. Because brushing generally only solves basic cleaning, stubborn stains such as tea stains, tobacco stains, coffee stains, etc. are often difficult to clean thoroughly, and there are also dead corners of the mouth such as teeth gaps and posterior teeth. If the cleaning is not in place, tartar may still form. Calculus accumulates over time, affects the appearance, and can also cause oral problems. Therefore, regular dental washing in the hospital is a good way of deep cleaning and care. It's good, but it takes hundreds to go once. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, with the ultrasonic scaler, you can clean your mouth at home. Ultrasonic scaler, high-frequency vibration can automatically loosen the calculus in the oral cavity.

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