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Market share of domestic dental chairs

Market share of domestic dental chairs
With the development of the medical industry and the expansion of domestic and foreign trade, the output of dental chairs has increased year by year, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. According to statistics, in 2013, the sales volume of Northwest Medical dental chairs alone reached 7,000 units, a record high.; But , 7 Domestic dental chairs still only occupy the low-end market. In some large hospitals, high-end dental chair equipment is still imported. At every international dental equipment exhibition, you can see foreign dental equipment manufacturers, including the German exhibition. The scale of the pavilion, the US pavilion, and Japan and South Korea pavilions are very large. The more well-known businesses include Kavo, Sinode, A-Dec, Castellini, Planmeca, Japan Morita, South Korea Xinxing, etc. They are all domestic manufacturers. There are many reasons for this phenomenon caused by strong competitors, such as late start, poor industrial foundation, backward technology, insufficient attention, few R&D enterprises, poor management, and brand effect. However, these have been gradually improved. Domestic enterprises have also achieved rapid development through various cooperation and joint ventures. The industry as a whole is relying on the international level.
3 The future of dental chairs
With the rapid improvement of peoples living standards in our country, people will only pay more and more attention to oral health care and beauty. This leads to the increasing demand for dental chairs in the market. Moreover, with the advancement of technology and policies, It is foreseeable that in the near future, dental chair products will eventually transition from the low-end to the high-end, and the market prospect is still broad. According to the status of the use of hospital equipment in China, the dental chair The depreciation period is generally 6 years. Although the current phenomenon of overdue use is widespread, this will still be an individual dental clinic with an increasing number of potential customers, and it will also bring new sales. Individual dental clinics are not expensive, easy to open, and suitable In small-scale and large-quantity development On March 13, Premier Li emphasized at a meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters that market access in the medical field should be relaxed. On April 15H, the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission responded that it will promote the simplification of the approval standards and procedures for private clinics. , And is expected to improve the efficiency of examination and approval through departmental linkage and on-site confirmation. It is foreseeable that in the future, dental clinics with strong product and service colors will occupy a dominant position in the Chinese dental market. The future development of dental chairs should adhere to "people-oriented" and design To produce comfortable, safe, fast, and comprehensive products, we must also pay attention to the requirements of hygiene and environmental protection, and use new technologies and new materials to eliminate hidden hygiene hazards and prevent oral cross-infection.

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