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Introduction to the principle of ultrasonic scaler

What is an ultrasonic dental prosthesis? The principle of the ultrasonic dental prosthesis is to use ultrasonic vibration efficiency and water mist washing to greatly improve the efficiency of removing calculus. The working end of the ultrasonic scaler head is made very smooth, so it does not have the effect of cutting and grinding in the process of cleaning the teeth, so naturally, there is no problem of tooth wear. The ultrasonic scaler uses the micron-level vibration of an ultrasonic energy-concentrated transducer to remove tooth stains.

Sterilization and anti-dental disease: using the powerful energy of ultrasound and the internal heat generated by the warming effect, it can remove the dirt and plaque in the oral cavity and all over the teeth, and at the same time, kill the bacteria, effectively prevent the stubborn bacteria from attacking the teeth - the purpose of sterilization, disinfection, and prevention of dental diseases.

Teeth care and teeth whitening: Because ultrasonic cleaning has different external vibration and internal massage effects, it can not only remove dirt and scale but also massage the teeth internally and externally. Therefore, ultrasound has a certain effect on the health and whitening of teeth.

After ultrasonic cleaning, due to the special physique of some patients, the cementum is very weak, which affects eating, and there will be varying degrees of tingling sensation. Still, generally, it will disappear within two months. The hygiene of the teeth after the operation is very good. Importantly, you can use some auxiliary equipment, such as dental floss, interdental brushing, etc.

The correct use of tooth brushing is helpful for recovery. Some people will experience dental pain after surgery. This allergic pain is arousing Sexually, is short duration, generally does not need special treatment, and usually disappear gradually in 2 weeks to 1 month.

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