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Introduction to the knowledge of curing light

Light curing lamps are used as curing light sources for dental light curing composite resins and adhesives. The main types are: halogen lamps, LED lamps, plasma arc lamps and argon laser lamps. Plasma arc lamps, argon laser lamps, etc. have been gradually eliminated due to their large volume, high heat production, high noise, and easy aging. At present, halogen lamps and LED lamps are mainly used in clinical practice.

The curing light works because there is a component called a photoinitiator in materials such as composite resins and adhesives. A curing light with a suitable spectral range can better trigger the photoinitiator and cure the material. However, it is not enough to only focus on the spectral range. Adequate optical density is also an important factor to ensure better curing of composite resins and bonding materials.

Insufficient optical density will result in insufficient curing of composite resins and bonding materials. This may cause complications such as debonding of the restoration, secondary caries, and pulp problems. Therefore, when choosing curing light, we must carefully consider the parameter of light intensity.

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