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Introduction to the development history of dental chairs

I believe that friends who have visited dental clinics must have an impression. Whether you go to the outpatient clinic or the small dentistry, you will be lying on the dental chair during the final treatment. Therefore, the dental chair is the most essential basis for dental clinics of all sizes. One of the medical equipment, it is related to the comfort of the patient and directly affects the doctor's treatment result.

The full name of the dental chair is the comprehensive dental treatment table. It can be seen from the name that it is actually the equipment and operating table used by the dentist for examination and treatment. It provides great convenience for the daily diagnosis and treatment of the dentist, and also allows the patients to be treated to lie on it comfortably, relax their mind and body, and better cooperate with the dentist to complete the treatment. After several generations of continuous updates, the dental chair has been beautiful, multi-functional, convenient and comfortable, and safe and hygienic. Compared with the early dental chair, it is really more than a few blocks away. Let us briefly review it together. The earliest dental chair, let's call it the first generation dental chair, was very simple, basically it was a back chair similar to the one we usually use, plus a light for lighting, and so on.

Then, the designer wondered how inconvenient the dental chair is because it is fixed. Can the dental chair be adjusted? So the second generation dental chair was born. The second-generation dental chair relies on mechanical manpower to realize the angle of the chair back and the height of the dental chair. It is also equipped with a mouthwash basin. Don’t underestimate it. In dental treatment, if the patient’s mouth is full of saliva or blood It is often used, so you can't vomit anywhere, because it is unsightly and pollutes the treatment environment.

Since the world's first electric dental drill chair came out in 1887, the dental chair has been greatly improved in terms of performance and intelligence. Today's dental chairs are mainly divided into two types: pneumatic and electric. Among them, many humanized auxiliary functions are enriched, such as three-purpose spray gun, saliva suction device, automatic water dispenser, shadowless lamp, LCD screen, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of daily diagnosis and treatment.

In recent years, with the application of a large number of new technologies, dental chairs have become more humane. For example, some dental clinics have introduced special children's dental chairs. The height of the children's dental chair is lowered, which is convenient for children to sit on; the chair surface is no longer monotonous but classic cartoon characters, which attracts children's interest and reduces their fear. It is hoped that dental chairs can have better improvements and more complete functions, so that they can serve us better.

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