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Introduction to the characteristics of operating lights

In fact, the essence of operating lights is different from ordinary lamps to meet the special requirements of the operation. 

1. Brightness requirements for operating room lighting; 

2. Safe surgical lighting; 

3. Requirements for no shadows; 

4. Cold light requirements; 

5. Requirements for detachable disinfection. Surgical lights include two series of integral reflection surgical lights and hole-type surgical lights. 

The integral-reflective surgical lights are also molecular mother lights and single lights; hole-type surgical lights are also divided into letter lights and single lights.


The operating lights can achieve the requirement of shadow-free illumination through the polygonal reflector. The reflecting surface is formed by industrial stamping, and the reflectivity is 95% higher, forming a homogenous light beam.

80 cm from the lamp plate, it forms a light beam reaching the operation area to ensure the operation. The brightness of the light, no shadows, and when the surgeon’s shoulders, hands, and head cover part of the light source, it can still be very uniform.

The surgical lamp is bright and avoids heat generation. The shadowless lamp can filter 99.5% of the infrared components through the new filter to ensure that the light reaching the surgical area is cold light.

The shape design and installation position of the operating lights and the high-standard sealed handle can effectively control the number of pathogens and can be disassembled and sterilized. We provide surgical lamp products. If you are interested in this, please contact us for more information.

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