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Introduction to the advantages of ultrasonic scaler

After each holiday, I believe that everyone will eat and drink during this time to relax. With the continuous improvement of living conditions, people are more and more concerned about the health of teeth and the whiteness of teeth. After the holiday, go to There are also many people washing teeth in the hospital. Teeth cleaning is also called "tooth cleaning". Among the many methods of cleaning teeth, ultrasonic cleaning and sandblasting are the most popular. So what are the advantages of these two cleaning methods?

What is an ultrasonic scaler? The principle of ultrasonic dentistry is to use ultrasonic vibration efficiency and water mist flushing to greatly improve the efficiency of removing calculus. The working end of the ultrasonic scaler head is made very smooth, so it does not have the effect of cutting and grinding in the process of cleaning the teeth, so naturally there is no problem of tooth wear. The ultrasonic scaler uses the micron-level vibration of an ultrasonic energy-concentrated transducer to remove tooth stains.

Ultrasonic scaler can effectively prevent gingivitis and periodontitis. To keep your teeth healthy, you need to go to the hospital for oral checkups on a regular basis. Use an ultrasonic vibrating tooth cleaner to clean your teeth. It is best to go to a regular hospital to clean your teeth every six months. Smokers should clean their teeth every three months.

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