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How To Choose a Best Dental Chair

In recent years, there are more and more dental clinics have opened. As the main dental equipment in the dental clinics and dentistry hospitals, the quality of the dental chair directly affects the reputation and the treartment experience of dental clinics.

To distinguish the quality of the dental chair, we can know the following aspects:
1. Check the appearance of the machine, if the joints of the plastics covers are tightly connected, then the quality is good; If the gap of the plastics covers is large, it indicates that the quality is not good enough.
2. Check the metal spare parts and the metal products. The metal products here mainly refer to the 3-way syringe and the connected handpiece head. If they are rough, the quality is not good. Anya’s 3-way syringe is using the imported producing skill to manufacture. It is more durable and the weight is heavier. Anya’s handpiece tube head is using the stainless steel connector, which is different with the plastic handpiece tube head connector. It can perfectly match with the handpiece and reduce the wear and tear caused by frequent handpiece replacement.

3. Open the cover to check the heart of chair position control: control system and the motor. Anya is using a self-developed control system, which is different with the traditional control system.

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