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Do you know what an ultrasonic scaler is

Ultrasonic cleaning refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove tartar, dental plaque, soot, tea stains, etc. attached to the surface of the teeth, without damaging the gums and enamel, plus the continuous flushing of the sprayed water, so that the teeth can be cleaned. The effect is better and the efficiency is higher. The warm water scaler has the function of root canal washing.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning can not only remove plaque, tartar, tea stains and other dirt on the tooth surface, and make the teeth white, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of oral diseases such as bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease, and dental caries.

Ultrasonic scaler is a dental scaler used in the ultrasonic cleaning process. The scaler is pushed through ultrasonic waves, and the vibrating working head of the scaler is extended into the oral cavity to loosen plaque, tartar, fine tartar and teeth. Glue, break the dirt on the surface of the teeth, while constantly washing with water, remove the calculus on the surface of the teeth, and complete the washing. Ultrasonic scaler uses mechanical action, warming action, and chemical action to achieve the effects of cleaning teeth, beautifying teeth, and health care. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation, inhibit tooth inflammation and gum bleeding, and prevent gum atrophy. It is a commonly used tooth cleaning at present machine.

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