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Do you know what a operating lights is?

Operating lights are lights with special functions. The invention and application of the lamp began in 1809. The British chemist David invented the arc lamp, and mankind entered the era of using electric lighting. In 1879, in the California Theater in the United States, humans used arc lights for the first time. In 1906, Edison invented the household electric light bulb using tungsten filament as the filament.

In fact, the essence of operation lamp is different from ordinary lamp to meet the special requirements of operation. 1. Brightness requirements for operating room lighting; 2. Safe surgical lighting; 3. Requirements for no shadows; 4. Cold light requirements; 5. Requirements for detachable disinfection. Operating lights include two series of integral reflection operating lights and hole-type operating lights. The integral-reflective operating lights are also molecular mother lights and single lights; hole-type operating lights are also divided into letter lights and single lights.

Operating lights can guarantee the brightness of lighting in the operating room. The surgeon in the operating room must be able to accurately distinguish contours, colors and movements. Therefore, the light intensity close to the quality of daylight is required, and the light intensity of at least 100,000 illuminances can be provided by the operating light. The maximum brightness of a single lamp is up to 150,000 illuminances, and the brightness of the surgical lamp can be adjusted steplessly. In case of failure during the operation, the spare bulb can be automatically switched for 0.3 seconds, so the surgical lamp can provide safe surgical lighting .

The operation lamp can achieve the requirement of shadow-free illumination through the polygonal reflector. The reflecting surface is formed by industrial stamping, and the reflectivity is 95% higher, forming a homogenous light beam. 80 cm from the lamp plate, it forms a light beam reaching the operation area to ensure the operation The brightness of the light, no shadows, and when the surgeon’s shoulders, hands and head cover part of the light source, it can still be very uniform. We provide operating lights. If you are interested in operating lights, please contact us for more information.

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