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Do you know the characteristics of operating lights?

Do you know the operating lights? Do you know what are the characteristics of operating lights? Do you want to understand the characteristics of medical operating lights? The so-called medical operation lamp does not need to be explained. As long as you see these words, you can understand what this type of operating lights is used for. It is just that many people don’t know where the medical operating lights is, and we usually use it. Compared with fluorescent lamps or even incandescent lamps, what are the different characteristics of medical surgical lamps?

1. "360-degree lighting without blind spots" is not just a slogan. Medical surgical lamps need to be used in the operating room. The so-called "black under the lamp". After standing up, there was a shadow on the patient's surgical site. It was very sad to think about how much trouble it would cause to the operation.

2. The lighting requirements of the operating room. Since it is a lamp to be used in the operating room, it should not be bright and dark as in our daily life, and it should not cause too much irritation to the doctor's eyes. After all, the operation is a matter of seconds. Carelessness will lead to errors in the operation, which is naturally absolutely impossible.

3. The operating lights should be good. This refers to the quality of the lamp. If it is used, it will be broken. It is definitely not allowed. Therefore, the requirements in this area should also be met.

4. The operating lights should be cold light. The so-called cold light means that even if the light is turned on for a long time and irradiated for more than ten hours, it will be cold to the touch, and it will not cause excessive temperature impact on the surroundings. The lights used in our daily life are all It is a warm light lamp, so even if it is turned on for a few hours, the bulb will feel hot and hot, which is obviously not suitable.

5. It needs to be detachable and sterilized. The operating room must be sterile. Whether it is clothing, footwear, medical equipment and products in the operating room, even lamps and lanterns, it needs to be sterile and dust-free. This is not only responsible for the patient, but also right. The doctor is responsible.

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