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Design and production process of dental chair

Design and production process of dental chair
Dental chair products have also developed from the original functional type to aesthetics and humanization.
Investment in injection molding and die-casting molds, and the use of high-end imported leather fabrics and artificial leather
The application of digital technology has improved the grade of products. Various new functions,
New materials and new shapes of products are constantly being introduced, representing products such as implant-type dental chairs,
Children's dental chair, etc.
Among them, the characteristics of children's dental chair:
Comprehensive dental treatment equipment designed and produced by children. The device is unique in design and unique in shape. It fully considers the lively and active psychology of children. The design breaks the traditional design ideas, makes the whole treatment device full of childishness, gives love and care, and completely reduces the psychology of children during treatment. The burden makes the treatment easier and more comfortable.
Design principle:
The minimum height of the full-computerized electric chair for children's dental treatment chair is 43cm, which greatly facilitates the up and down of children. For the full computer program operation, the three program-style chair positions of the electric chair make it more convenient and simple for the doctor to treat the upper and lower jaws. The function switches at a glance are automatically controlled by touch buttons, which makes the operation more convenient. Simple.

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