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dental supply | Some Teeth Questions 2

Pregnant women have bad teeth because BB draws calcium from the teeth.

Many people think that during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to bad teeth and tooth decay. It must be because the fetus in the womb has taken away her calcium. In fact, this is a common misunderstanding. During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone secretion, pregnant women’s gums are easily stimulated by toxins secreted by dental plaque, causing swelling and bleeding. At the same time, pregnant women’s eating habits have changed, and they also eat more sweet and sour foods than usual. In addition, they are prone to nausea, so they are prone to tooth decay. Therefore, women are reminded that before preparing to conceive a baby, they must go to the dental hospital for a comprehensive oral examination and oral cleaning care to provide a guarantee for a safe pregnancy.

I don't get X-rays because there's no need and there's radiation.

X-rays can be used to understand the extent of tooth decay, the cause of toothache, and whether the conditions for dentures and dental implants are sufficient. Therefore, in the process of diagnosis and treatment, filming is necessary. According to the current recommendation of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the public radiation limit should not exceed 5 millisieverts (msv) = 5000 microsieverts per person per year. Based on this calculation, each person can receive 200 dental X-rays per year, so Dental X-ray doses are very low.

Filled teeth will no longer decay.

The general mentality of patients thinks that the filled teeth are permanent, and there will be no decay in the future. But just think about it, a healthy and normal tooth will have decay, how can a filled tooth stop decaying? Tooth decay is generally caused by bad eating habits and oral hygiene. Teeth are more prone to breakage.

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