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dental supply | Introduction to the Development of Dental Instruments

Dental medical instruments refer to various small portable tools specially used in dentistry, which are called dental instruments internationally. Dental medical instruments include dental handpieces, oral handpiece sterilizers, extraction forceps, dental elevators, dental picks and other surgical instruments, manual dental instruments, dental rotary instruments, dental injection instruments, and root canal instruments.

The world is facing a financial crisis. This financial crisis is not the worst of the financial crises that have occurred in the past 100 years. Financial market crises are leading indicators of economic recession, but in the past history, the medical industry has indeed shown good resilience. .
Meanwhile, globally, M&A activity in the healthcare sector remains strong. It is precisely because of China's relative stability in the financial tsunami and the earthquake resistance of the medical industry, coupled with the high profits of the medical equipment sub-sector, that capital is constantly pouring into it.

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