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dental light | formation of cavities

The condition that causes tooth decay is the high acid concentration of the mouth. Acid corrosion first develops cavities through weak spots in the enamel and then slowly expands. Once a weak point is penetrated, the enamel's stable line of defense against acid corrosion collapses.

The acidic liquid in the mouth will use this decay point as a breakthrough, and then corrode the core body of the tooth - dentin, dentin belongs to bone, and basically does not have any ability to prevent acid corrosion, so in a very short time, it will It is corroded by the acid in a large area, so that the acid can continue to advance, attack the pulp cavity, and finally cause severe tooth pain because the bacteria stimulate the tooth nerve. This is the whole process of tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a common name for dental caries. Tooth decay is caused by the interaction of time, bacteria, sugary foods and teeth. If the oral cavity is unsanitary, a large number of bacteria will accumulate on the surface of the teeth. With the help of sugar in the food, the bacteria will produce a large amount of acid. , Over time, the acid damages the teeth and causes cavities, and tooth decay is formed.

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