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Dental Curing Light: Everything You Need To Know

When filling or restoring teeth, dentists often use a blue light tool. This dental office equipment is called the curing light. What does it do? Can it cause damage to the body? After reading this article, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of LED curing light.

What Is The Curing Light?

Light-activated dental materials are an integral part of dental equipment tools, including certain sealants, resin-based cement, and composite restorative materials. And the curing light, a dental light curing unit (LCU), is a handheld light-emitting device used to cure such light-activated polymer-based restorative materials (PBRM).

Dental curing lights emit a bright, concentrated blue light that is used to set or cure fillings and sealants quickly and efficiently. There are two main types of common dental curing lights - halogen curing light and LED curing light, both of which harden dental work into place in just a few seconds.

Is The Blue Light From The Curing Light Dangerous?

The dental curing light is completely safe. Although the blue light is concentrated, there is no radiation, and it is not a laser that is not enough to harm your teeth or gums. Sometimes the dentist may ask you to wear protective goggles, which are simply to prevent eye strain caused by gazing at the light for long periods.

The blue light from the dental curing light is very bright and can cause the same discomfort as gazing excessively into the sun. But it is not as intense as the arc flash of welding that stings your eyes.

In the past, halogen light curing machines could generate too much heat, potentially dangerous to the soft tissues in the mouth. Therefore, most dentists today tend to use LED curing light, which is just as effective while maintaining a low temperature.

Oral Ergonomics Of The LED Curing Light

In general, the LED curing light with oral ergonomics design gives more flexibility to dental operations. For example, the LED curing light head can reach difficult positions in the mouth. It is especially suitable for children who may not be able to sit still or for older adults with a limited range of motion in the jaw.

The Best LED Curing Light from Anya



  • The light meter attached
  • Built-in fan to avoid heat
  • The battery can be replaced
  • OLED screen, all angles visible
  • Automatic memory, avoid setting frequently
  • Ergonomics design, more comfortable in operation
  • Three working modes with three criteria of light intensity
  • With the stable output of light intensity, the solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of the remaining power
  • Efficient transfer from electricity into light, A full charge can be used for more than 500 times continuously under 10s working time mode


Weight 550g
Input Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Charger Socket DC5V
Battery 3500mAh
Wavelength 430nm - 485nm
Power 12W
Light Density 2800mw/cm

Final Word

Anya offers a wide range of LED curing lights to polymerize dental materials such as composites, adhesives, cement, and sealants. Various wavelengths, light densities, and curing lights are available to ensure accurate and thorough polymerization with superior quality. You can also find more dental chair units, dental equipment tools, and more quality dental equipment here! Please feel free to contact us at or for more details!

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