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Dental chair | some oral knowledge

What are the hazards of tooth decay? If you have dental caries, you may have no symptoms at first. Gradually, I feel toothache when I eat, and I dare not chew with the affected tooth. In children, if they chew with only one tooth for a long time, it will cause asymmetrical development of the bilateral sides, with one side of the face being large and the other being small. If you often have toothache and cannot eat well, malnutrition will occur, which will affect the normal development of the body. If the tooth decay further develops to the abscess of the root tip, on the one hand, it may spread to the growing and developing permanent teeth at the root tip of the deciduous tooth, causing some problems in the permanent dentition. In addition, the abscess of the root tip is also a chronic lesion, and the bacteria in it can flow with the blood. It spreads throughout the body, and when the body's resistance is low, it will cause the heart, kidneys, joints and other important organs to develop disease. If tooth decay occurs in the anterior teeth, the anterior teeth will be damaged or missing, which will also affect the child’s pronunciation and appearance, and may even cause the child’s inferiority complex and affect their physical and mental development.

As we all know, dental caries and periodontal disease are the two main oral diseases that plague humans, and both are mainly caused by dental plaque. Because many people do not develop good oral hygiene habits, do not brush their teeth in the morning and evening or do not brush their teeth in the correct way. To the already formed plaque and calculus, brushing is powerless. The main purpose of periodontal cleansing is to remove the plaque, calculus and pigment deposited on the surface of the teeth at the junction of the gums, so as to remove local curative factors. The damage of the gums stops developing and restores a healthy state.

Teeth washing can not only maintain oral hygiene, but also remove dirt on the surface of the teeth and restore the natural color of the teeth. But one thing that needs to be explained is that washing teeth is different from bleaching. It cannot remove the pigment inside the teeth and does not make the teeth white in the true sense. We provide dental chair products. If you are interested in dental chairs, please contact us for more information.

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