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Dental chair manufacturers introduce professional methods for selecting dental chairs.

Nowadays, the dental industry and patients are very particular about hygiene and disinfection requirements. So, how do you know whether the dental chair meets the hygienic requirements?

1. First of all, understand the hygiene of the dental chair. Check whether the dental chair has any hygienic dead ends. Hygienic dead ends refer to parts that are very difficult to clean, or parts that cannot be cleaned. Some lamp arms have rubber sleeves to cover the joints and keep them beautiful. In a strict sense, these rubber sleeves are also hygienic dead ends and will retain bacteria. The material requirements of the chair surface can be disinfected with a disinfectant (such as alcohol). If these are not used for disinfection, it is also not in compliance with the hygiene requirements. Strong and weak suction can be equipped with disposable straws, such as the equipped straws can be used repeatedly, and can withstand high temperature disinfection at 135 degrees. Of course, the multi-function foot switch and the non-inductive light are all to meet the needs of hygiene.

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2. The after-sales service of dental chair manufacturers, especially dental chair repairs. Many doctors find that after purchasing the product, they rarely provide after-sales service or do not provide service. If the machine has a problem, it is not repaired immediately, which causes unnecessary losses. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention to after-sales service.

3. The installation of the dental chair is very important. If the installation and debugging are not in place, problems may occur. Therefore, when buying a dental chair, you must find a company with good quality and good agent, and ask them to provide complete installation drawings, product dimensions, technical parameters, etc., and actively cooperate.

4. Dental chair operation training. Many failures are caused by installation problems or improper use by doctors. Therefore, the training of dental equipment companies for dentists is very critical. The training content includes the following points:
(1) The use and maintenance of mobile phones.
(2) Control of chair position.
(3) Elimination of common faults (change fuse, bulb, pipe, etc.).
(4) Daily maintenance of the dental chair itself.

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