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Dental Chair | Daily Teeth Care Tips

1. What kind of toothbrush is good to use

You should choose a health-care toothbrush with three straight rows, six horizontal beams, small brush heads, soft bristles, and rounded bristles. It operates freely in the mouth and the dead corners of the teeth are easier to brush. It’s better to replace the toothbrush every 2~3 months.

2. Master the correct method of brushing your teeth

First of all, brushing your teeth should not be too strong. Some people use violent methods to brush their teeth, causing atrophy of the oral gums, abrasion of the teeth and necks, and soreness to cold and heat. Tooth brushing is mainly to clean several sides of the teeth. Brush the outside: place the toothbrush head on the edge of the teeth and the gums at a 45-degree angle, brush gently back and forth, then brush the toothbrush along the gap between the teeth, brush the upper teeth from top to bottom, and the lower teeth from bottom to top; brush the inside : Brush the inside of each tooth in the same way as above; Brush the occlusal surface: Lay the toothbrush flat and brush the surface of the tooth (occlusal surface) where food is chewing back and forth, preferably also brushing the tongue surface.

3. The frequency of brushing your teeth should be several times

In fact, the frequency of brushing can only be increased, not reduced. Four times after three meals and before going to bed, it is best to brush your teeth after each meal. Mouthwash cannot replace brushing your teeth and cannot remove plaque.

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