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Dental chair | Causes of tooth decay

Tooth decay is also called tooth decay. There are four important factors in its formation: bacteria, food, teeth and time. One is indispensable, and the other cannot form tooth decay. Simply put, the bacteria living on the surface of the teeth will digest and decompose the food we left on the surface of the teeth, and produce acid. The teeth are not cleaned and accumulate over time. These acids corrode the tooth surface, causing the loss of calcium and phosphorus in the teeth, and then the structure of the tooth. Destroy and form cavities.

We know the cause of tooth decay. So, let's take a look at how to prevent tooth decay against these factors? Everyone knows that dental bacteria live on the surface of our teeth. They accumulate into tribes, help each other, multiply and expand. Such bacterial tribes are dental plaque. And brushing can effectively remove dental plaque. Therefore, brushing your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening is not only to brush off the food in our mouth, but also to remove plaque and reduce the colonization of bacteria on the surface of our teeth. With fewer bacteria, the incidence of natural dental caries is reduced.

Without food, dental bacteria cannot multiply, produce acid, and cannot corrode teeth. But it is impossible for people not to eat food. Therefore, the type of food and the frequency of eating will affect the formation of tooth decay. For example, biscuits, cakes, these sweet and sticky foods are easy to stick to the tooth surface and are not easy to be removed. Natural dental bacteria are very happy. They can make full use of these foods to produce acid and attack the teeth. Frequent eating will make the tooth bacteria produce acid and destroy the teeth when there is no hunger.

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