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Dental chair | A few questions about oral health

1. Why do gums bleed?

There are many causes of gum bleeding, including systemic factors and local factors. First of all, we need to eliminate systemic factors, which can be roughly eliminated through blood routine. Then the local factor is mainly bleeding caused by gum inflammation caused by bacteria. When bacteria accumulate in large quantities, it will cause local gums to swell and congest. If you don't pay attention, gum bleeding will occur.

2. Why is there a large number of bacteria?

Our oral cavity has always had a lot of bacteria. Under normal circumstances, these bacteria coexist harmoniously with us, but when our oral hygiene is poor, or when our resistance drops, the bacteria will multiply and destroy the original ones. balance.

3. What is dental calculus?

Dental calculus is a mineralized product with a large number of bacteria. It is formed by the residue of our daily diet on the teeth and the minerals in the bacterial plaque and saliva after a period of mineralization.

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