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curing light

The dental curing light was invented as early as 40 years ago, but it is now facing a huge challenge. For example: We all know that the curing light source should be as close as possible to the teeth for restoration, and the curing light lens should be kept clean so that it can penetrate the resin to achieve the purpose of complete curing.

Does it seem simple? But have you considered the influence of external factors? You can recall whether the light energy, temperature, the use of photoinitiators, the location and type of repair, the angle of light, the distance from the restoration and other factors are the best when using the curing lamp in the clinical process? In this way, curing lights are not so simple! .

People are accustomed to using many terms to describe power: such as illuminance, spectral irradiance, brightness, watts and joules, etc., but what is the correct unit for dental curing lights? In fact, there is no uniform answer until now.

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