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Can pregnant women receive X-ray examination?

Can pregnant women receive X-ray examination?
Free radiation has a greater impact on fetal cells, so pregnant women must be particularly careful. According to the ICRP-60 report, female patients must be particularly careful:
(a) It is necessary to confirm whether she is pregnant;
(b) When the menstrual future is scheduled, unless there is no special reason, it should be a pregnant woman;
(c) For women with childbearing capacity, except for special clinical needs, abdominal irradiation should be avoided as far as possible.
For some diseases, the risk of not receiving X-rays is greater than the risk of X-rays affecting the fetus. When performing photography, the technician must be able to grasp the calculation of the skin dose for one inspection as shown in Appendix 1, and should implement it in a reasonably low-dose method (ALARA) as much as possible. If the chest, head and hands are far away from the fetus, the exposure range should be minimized and masking should be used. During pregnancy, any part can be X-rayed. For example, when a pregnant woman undergoes a chest X-ray examination, the dose to the uterus is usually less than 10uGY (lmrad).
Dental X-photographs are farther away from the uterus, so the dose absorbed by the fetus is less than the above table.
In dentistry, if X-rays are unavoidable, as long as they are protected (cover the abdomen with lead clothing; X-rays avoid the abdomen), X-rays are still allowed, but the best way is to do everything before pregnancy. Mouth checkups are treated in advance to avoid suffering from dental problems during pregnancy.
Ionizing radiation can indeed cause harm to the human body. People should try to avoid unnecessary ionizing radiation exposure to rabbits, but they should not suffer greater losses because of avoiding ionizing radiation damage. The so-called two evils are the lesser of them. If a patient refuses to receive X-ray diagnosis because he is unwilling to suffer from ionizing radiation damage, it may make the diagnosis of the condition wrong and deepen the disease. It is obviously acceptable to bear X-ray radiation damage for diagnosis.

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